Powder Horn Mountain

If you like noise, crowds of

people, traffic and hubbub,

Powder Horn is probably not for

you. But, if you enjoy peace and

quiet, natural mountain beauty

and wildlife, Powder Horn may

be just the place for you.

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Alleghany Inn

Easy to find, hard to leave!


Located in Sparta, just 4 miles

from the New River and 7 miles

from the Blue Ridge Parkway.


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or to make a reservation


High Country Stone



Marble, Quartz,

Soapstone, Vetrazzo,


Full Slabs on site!


6489 Old 421 S,

Deep Gap, NC

Blue Ridge Electric

Paying your Blue Ridge Electric

bill online saves you time and

money. It's a great way to


bill paying. Bank Draft is

another way to simplify the bill

paying process.




The 4 for $4 Meal Deal 

Just Got Bigger


Junior Bacon Cheeseburger  

or Crispy Chicken BLT


1016 Blowing Rock Rd, Boone

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Current Conditions

Temp: 68.3°F
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Hickory , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Monday, September 25, 2017 at 5:22PM

Maria Blowoff

Fair weather continues across western North Carolina this evening, but the high cloudiness in the sky is a result of the cirrus exhaust from Hurricane Maria off the East Coast of the United States. We’ll have no weather of note this week as sinking air to the west of the hurricane encourages plenty of sunshine. It will be continue to be unseasonably warm until a cooldown toward the end of the week.

If you'd like to support the relief efforts for those impacted by Hurricane Maria here's a list of charities providing assistance.

The 2018 Blue Ridge Parkway Calendar is packed with great photography from the RaysWeather.Com Photo Contest. It has climate information for the entire Parkway and includes pages for November/December 2017 so it can be used soon. Get yours at RaysMarketplace.Com or at many retails across the region.

Charles Eyler &
Andy Harkins Agency
vs AppState vs New Mex. St Saturday Oct 7, 3:30pm Kidd Brewer Stadium
Game Time Forecast
Partly cloudy
Light East wind

Call for your App State alumni discount


Hi: 83 Lo: 64

Becoming mostly clear; Light north wind

Hi: 86 Lo: 66

Mostly sunny; Quite warm; Light NE wind

Hi: 88 Lo: 68

More of the same; Sunshine & unseasonably warm; Light north wind

Hi: 85 Lo: 61

Scattered clouds; Note quite as warm

Hi: 79 Lo: 57

Scattered clouds; Seasonal temperatures

Further Out

Saturday - Mostly clear; Feeling more like fall; High in the lower 70s; Low in the mid 50s
Sunday - Lots of sunshine; Quite pleasant; High in the lower 70s; Low in the mid 50s

Forecast Discussion

Hurricane Maria will make a close brush with the Outer Banks Tuesday night and Wednesday, with some wind and rain expected there (some wind gusts into tropical-storm force territory). Subsiding air to the west of Maria will promote a high pressure ridge over the local area for much of the workweek, resulting in tranquil weather conditions.

Another prominent weather story will be the continuation of above-normal temperatures, running 5 to 10 degrees warmer than average through Thursday.

A dry cold front will push through the region on Thursday, followed by a secondary push of cooler air for the weekend. By the weekend, temperatures will finally settle closer to end-of-September norms.


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